A unique robotic biorepository has been established at the North Shore LIJ Research Institute in order to support the activities of the NARAC. This system is capable of handling any biological fluid for aliquoting, storage, and robotic retrieval. In the case of DNA, automated measurement and adjustment of concentration with flexible aliquoting into 96 deep well storage formats is done in an error free, fully bar coded fashion. The best writing services are here to make your work easier.

These "master plates" of high concentration DNA are stored in a -30 environment. In addition, replicate "daughter plates" are produced for short-intermediate term storage in a 4C environment in the Tecan Molbank*. This system allows for completely robotic retrieval of samples by "cherry picking" from up to 250,000 separate DNA samples that can be housed in the Tecan Molbank*. This process is fully automated, with full back-up and computer monitoring of all events. A Quick Time movie of the sample retrieval and sendout process can be viewed by clicking here.
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