Welcome to this web resource for primary clinical and genetic data on the NARAC collection of rheumatoid arthritis families. This site is primarily for investigators who are using, or wish to use, the primary clinical and genetic data on NARAC families. You can also get an example of elite writing at the main page of https://essayelites.com/.

Pedigree Files
Marker Data
512 families have been analyzed using the microsatellite makers in the Weber Set 8A (http://research.marshfieldclinic.org/genetics/sets/combo.html) This has been done in two separate genome screens of 256 families each. The pedigree files and marker data can be downloaded separately for each genome screen

Clinical Data
The core clinical data relevant to affected individuals in each genome screen are given here, including sex, age, age at onset, presence of erosions (score 0-5), joint count, JAM score, extrarticular features, history of joint replacement, RF titer, and HLA-DR type. Further clinical data may be obtained by contacting us directly at


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